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Summer Reading 2020: ◦ Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today

Here's why Chris chose Modern Manhood...

In today's world, there is an ever-evolving definition of masculinity. Cleo Stiller's book 'Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today' dives deep into what that means for men around the world and opens up the conversation for all people to learn more.

About the book

Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today
by Cleo Stiller

undefinedHere are a few self-evident truths: Predatory men need to go, sexual assault is wrong, and women and men should be equal. If you’re a man and disagree with any of the aforementioned, then this book isn’t for you.
But if you agree, you’re probably one of the “good guys.” That said, you might also be feeling frustrated, exasperated, and perhaps even skeptical about the current national conversation surrounding #MeToo (among many other things). You’ve likely found yourself in countless experiences or conversations lately where the situation feels gray, at best. You have a lot to say, but you’re afraid to say it and worried that one wrong move will land you in the hot seat. From money and sex to dating and work and everything in between—it can all be so confusing! And when do we start talking about solutions instead of putting each other down?
In Modern Manhood, reporter Cleo Stiller sheds light on all the gray areas out there, using conversations that real men and women are having with their friends, their dates, their family, and themselves. Free of judgment, preaching, and sugarcoating, Modern Manhood is engaging, provocative, and, ultimately, a great resource for gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to genuinely be a good man today. --Simon and Schuster


Stiller's book is packed with helpful advice and insightful research.The Independent

From the author

About the reader

 Chris Williams, Assistant Director of Admissions & Outreach Coordinator

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