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Summer Reading 2019: Pretty Monsters

Here's why Dabney suggests Pretty Monsters...

Who doesn't love short stories? Wacky, original characters in Pretty Monsters bring each tale to life. This book is perfect to read whenever you like; pick it up, put it down, and resume reading without the worry of forgetting the plot. You'll be entranced by and immersed in a totally different story. 

About the book

Pretty Monsters: Stories
by Kelly Link

Link upends traditional horror, science fiction, and fantasy motifs, creating original, quirky, and distinctly beautiful literary landscapes. Honed, brilliant language renders blood, werewolves, ghosts, magic, and monsters sublime—at times even funny. Readers will relish uncertainty in these savory, strange stories and never feel quite sure of their footing. They proceed giddily, jumping from one uncanny premise, phrase, or image to the next, eventually stumbling upon a revelation that hits them like the snap of a rubber band. Clever resolutions and tricky plots place teens on delightfully circuitous reading paths. Unexpected endings force them to double back and reconsider each story from the beginning. In this second read, young adults might notice Link's seamless incorporation of their own experiences. Awkward adolescence, uncomfortable first love, frustrating parents, and complicated friendships surface quietly amid wonderfully knotty, twisted plots and incandescent imagery. This compilation of intricate, transfixing selections succeeds in making the weird wonderful and the grotesque absolutely gorgeous. - Library Journal

"A wrenching and revelatory novel." --The New York Times

"Green finds the language to describe the indescribable...A must-read for those struggling with mental illness, or for their friends and family." --San Francisco Chronicle

About the reader

  Dabney Park, Library Leader

This is Dabney's first summer read recommendation!