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Summer Reading 2019: American War

Here's why Kris and Kelli suggest American War...

Kelli says, "American War sounds like a fiction that is eerily close to reality. I love a book that can engage me in a world that ‘could be’."

About the book

American War
by Omar El Akkad

Award-winning journalist Akkad's gripping and frightening debut novel takes off from current American political and environmental issues to imagine a bleak and savage not-too-distant future. During a long second American civil war, the Chestnut family, consisting of a mother, son, and twin daughters, are moved to a refugee camp in what's left of a region of Mississippi in the year 2081. There, one of the daughters, Sarat, grows into a strong and independent soul who is recruited by a shadowy operative to conduct missions against the northern borders. She assassinates a high-ranking leader of the North's military, leading to reprisals and her eventual capture. She is tortured by the North, then finally released and moves back south with her injured brother and his family. Later, she's offered the chance to perform one final deadly mission in order to sabotage the peace talks that are finally taking place between the two bitter enemy regions. VERDICT Well written, inventive, and engaging, this relentlessly dark tale introduces a fascinating character in Sarat. Highly recommended. -Library Journal

The author shares

About the readers

 Kris Bailey, Director of Communications


 Kelli Yon, Visual Arts