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Summer Reading 2021: The Mountain Lion

Why Riley picked The Mountain Lion

In the mood for a non-traditional Western epic that was a deep-cut marvel but largely omitted from the Best Of lists for years? Looking for a coming-of-age saga set in backwoods Colorado in the '40's? Intrigued by this hook: "the novel ends with an act of bloodletting that will rattle even the most hardened reader"? Join up and read The Mountain Lion by Jean Stafford - a "stone cold classic."

About The Mountain Lion

The Mountain Lion
by Jean Stafford


Coming of age in pre-World War II California and Colorado brings tragedy to Molly and Ralph Fawcett in Jean Stafford's classic semi-autobiographical novel, first published in 1947. Torn between their mother's world of genteel respectability and their grandfather's and uncle's world of cowboy masculinity, neither Molly nor Ralph can find an acceptable adult role to aspire to. As events move to their swift and inevitable conclusion, Stafford uncovers and indicts the social forces that require boys to sacrifice the feminine in order to become men and doom intelligent girls who aren't pretty. - Goodreads

About the reader

  Riley Maddox, 9/10 Grade Level Dean, Math

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