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Summer Reading 2021: Pedro Páramo

Why Rebecca picked Pedro Páramo

To put it simply, this book is a ghost story. To put it less simply, it's a fractal-like piece of written art! I'm suggesting this book because I think the writing is exciting. The narrative style and the structure are a little tricky, but I think the pay-off is worth it. 

About Pedro Páramo

Pedro Páramo
by Juan Rulfo


As one enters Juan Rulfo's legendary novel, one follows a dusty road to a town of death. Time shifts from one consciousness to another in a hypnotic flow of dreams, desires, and memories, a world of ghosts dominated by the figure of Pedro Páramo - lover, overlord, murderer.

Rulfo's extraordinary mix of sensory images, violent passions, and unfathomable mysteries has been a profound influence on a whole generation of Latin American writers, including Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Gabriel García Márquez. To read Pedro Páramo today is as overwhelming an experience as when it was first published in Mexico back in 1955. - Goodreads

This extraordinary little postmodernist novel, choreographed like a verse drama taking place in a hall of mirrors, testifies not only to the enduring genius of the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo but also to the art of storytelling and the versatility of narrative. - Irishtimes

About the reader

 Rebecca Thurber, Development Associate

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