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Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racist Action

A guide on information and history surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality against black people in the United States..

Anti-Racist Action

Here are some ways to act right now.

long term

After specific events occur we are moved to act, protest, sign petitions, post our outrage on social media and donate our time and money. When the issues are no longer trending, it is important to continue to engage in social justice work. Here are some ideas.

  • get on the email list of organizations that have newsletters throughout the year like SURJ.
  • If you are white or white passing, educate yourself on the history of white supremacy and police brutality. Stop by the library or email library@urbanschool.org for book, website, and podcast recommendations. alternately, reach out to student leaders or faculty advisors from AWPA for ideas.
  • get involved in politics and elections