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Black Lives Matter: Only @ Urban

A guide on information and history surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality against black people in the United States..

Clubs and Forums

Speak Up Forum

  • Keep an eye on and share with the Speak Up Forum (find it in the links above the Bulletin Board) where students are sharing information and opinions.

Clubs that you can go to throughout the year to discuss and learn more:

  • WPA (White Privilege Awareness) meets Friday at Lunch in the Lotus Room (open to all)
  • Current Events Club meets Monday at Lunch in the Lotus Room (open to all)
  • SOC (Students of Color) meets Wednesday at lunch in MPR (for students who identify as SOC)
  • Multi-Ethnic Student Hapa Club (MESH) meets Wednesday at lunch in Lotus Room (for students who identify as MESH)

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