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After the 2020 Election: Bright spots!

bright spots in the 2020 election

Across the country women, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and other historically under-represented people were elected to local and national offices. Here are some of those instances!


  • Progressive BLM-endorsed George Gascon won the Los Angeles County district attorney's race against a pro-cop incumbent.
  • Strong progressive Holly Mitchell won an L.A. board of supervisor's race, which will mean an all-women board of supes.
  • Nithya Ramen, a potential superstar and DSA member, unseated a biz-backed incumbent in an L.A. City Council race. 
  • Measure J, which requires at least 10 percent of LA County's general fund (probably from criminal justice) be spent on jail reentry or keeping people out of jail, passed easily.  
  • Prop 17 passes in California, expanding voting rights for people on parole.


  • The abortion ban fails.
  • Voters approve a paid family and medical leave law requiring employers to provide 12 weeks of paid time off for childbirth and family emergencies. Colorado becomes the first state to adopt this via ballot initiative and the ninth state with paid leave (plus D.C.)


  • Delaware elected the nation's first trans state senator.


  • Florida passed the $15 minimum wage.
  • After decades of corrupt Republican rule, Miami elected a progressive environmentalist Democratic mayor, Daniella Levine Cava.


  • Kim Foxx, the progressive state's attorney in Cook County, won handily.


  • Oakland County, the wealthy and influential county outside Detroit, long the dominion of a powerful county executive who infamously told the New Yorker that the city was an "Indian reservation" where blankets and corn should be thrown in over a fence, appears to have elected Democrats to nearly all countywide seats (not including sheriff).
  • The very good chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court won reelection and the Democrats flip the court.
  • After significant measures to expand voting rights in Michigan passed in 2018, the state saw not only a huge rise in absentee and mail-in votes, but also more than 24,000 people voting with same-day registration.


  • Mississippi adopted a beautiful state flag; for the first time in 126 years, the Confederate flag/design is not flying over its public buildings.
  • Mississippi passed a referendum that eliminates the state's electoral college-like provision requiring candidates for statewide office to win their victory by winning a majority of House districts within the state. That rule has locked out black leadership for more than a century.


  • The entire New Mexico House delegation is now women of color.


  • The progressive Working Families Party won its bid to retain its automatic ballot line.




  • Every drug reform initiative passed, including decriminalizing all drug possession in Oregon, decriminalization of mushrooms in DC, and legal marijuana in New Jersey, Arizona, Mississippi, and several other states. 

And the Haight had the lowest percentage voting for Trump (no surprises there). You can see how other neighborhoods voted.  https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/San-Francisco-neighborhoods-Trump-Biden-votes-15701986.php