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After the 2020 Election: 2016 Election


On Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 159 Urban students walked out of school and protested the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

Here are more ways to stay active.



Urban in 2016

On Wednesday, November 9th, Americans woke up to a new president-elect. Mark Salkind, Head of School, sent the following to Urban students. It is in this vein that we have developed this guide for you to learn more about the historical context of this election, action you can take, and resources you can consult to stay informed.

Tuesday's presidential election was the most contentious election in my memory, and the results have unleashed fierce emotions on all sides of the political spectrum. As we move forward, I want to be sure that we are all engaging in respectful conversations with one another, regardless whether those conversations are in person or on social media. As a school, we stand for civil discourse and dialogue: listening to each other, being open to learning from each other, and treating each other with respect. 

While we support civil discourse, I want to make clear that Urban's Core Values and norms for behavior are different from those governing public debate, including many of the statements made by President-Elect Donald Trump in this campaign. The Urban School does not tolerate attacks, accusations, or slurs based on a person's race and ethnicity, LGBT identity, gender expression, socio-economic class, ability, nationality or religion. The school will not tolerate hate speech or language that demeans or stereotypes members of our community based on their identity. 

While we, like the rest of the country and world, may be divided in our political views, let us remember that we do not attack people for their political beliefs. Furthermore, please remember that we must be mindful when we engage in political conversations, because if we speak, post, or text from a place of blame or anger, we may surely provoke more hurt and anger in others that may be hard to undo.