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Service Learning Research: Action

Becoming a Participant

What is Participatory Politics?

Participatory politics are actions through which individuals and groups seek to exert voice and influence on issues of public concern; a set of practices enabled by digital age technology and social connectivity that engage youth in the democratic process. 

Harvard's Youth Participatory Politics Research Network has a framework to help students act on issues that matter to them in a way that is equitable, effective, and self protective.


The Ten Questions

4 steps to begin

What are the core practices of participatory politics?
adapted from Harvard's YPP

  • Investigation & Research - Analyze and evaluate information in order to learn about and investigate pressing civic and political issues.
  • Dialogue & Feedback - Engage in dialogue, learn about multiple perspectives, and give feedback to elites on issues of public concern.
  • Production & Circulation - Produce and circulate news and information about issues that matter to you and help shape the broader narrative.
  • Mobilizing for Change - Rally your networks and mobilize others to work together to accomplish civic and political goals.