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Researching your topic

How we consume information is the first step in activism!

Think about where you get information on a day-to-day basis. Is it biased? In a bubble? From social media? As information consumers, we have power in how we learn about current events and political issues!

Why does my topic matter to me?

Think about why you care about this topic in particular.

Write down what you know and getting background information and overviews using the links below. As you research, keep going back to add more keywords. Continually add questions as they come up (I wonder...).

Starting your search

1. Write down all applicable keywords

2. Write down what you already know
are there gaps? what do you wonder about? what will you need to find out?

3. Think about the types of sources you will need based on what you already know and what you want to find out.

4. Start searching and reading!

Research in Databases

A note about bias...

Think about bias and who is writing the information that you are reading

  • Get broad viewpoints, including viewpoints different from your own.
  • Ask Sarah the Librarian for assistance early and often!