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Remaking America: Books & ebooks

This guide will be a resource to find sources for your Remaking America research project.

Using books for research

Finding information in books is a vital part of the research process. Books might seem daunting. They can be long and written in an academic voice that isn't very conducive to an easy afternoon read. Here are a few ways to tackle books to make them worth your while.

  1. Use the index. I think the index is more important than the table of contents! it is located in the back of the book, and you can look for keywords that you collected during your background research.
  2. Use the table of contents to find chapters that will be most relevant to your research.
  3. Skim areas to find your keyword, then read the paragraph or surrounding pages to get more context.
  4. You can even use Google Books or Amazon's Search Inside feature to search the full text of a print book that doesn't have a good index or table of contents.

Try this!

Order a book from the library! We'll have it ready for you at the Page Street Lobby in 1-3 days.

email slevin@urbanschool.org to make arrangements.

Library books

The LeRoy Votto Collection

LeRoy has made some of his personal book collection available to students. Some of these are not yet part of the library collection, but there are some great books you can use. Please contact Sarah to peruse, and see link below for a full list of titles.

Free ebooks

More books!

Can't find a book you need? Sarah may be able to order it for you, so email her first.

If you do not have an SFPL library card (even if you do not live in SF!) now is the time to get one. Applications for library cards are available in Sarah's office.