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Poetry: Home

Find information about poets and their poetry!


You'll need to find essays and interviews by your poet, not just biographical information about them.


Evaluating Sources

Use CRAAP detection to evaluate sources

  • Currency: When was it written?
  • Relevance: Does it answer questions you need answered?
  • Authority: Is the author or creator an expert in the field? Is there an author listed?
  • Accuracy: Is it accurate? Do the authors cite their sources?
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of the site?

Click here for more on CRAAP


Search for library books by the poet

Go to the Herbst Library catalog


Search for you poet in quotes and add the term interview.
For example: "Tracy K. Smith" Interview
Click on video to find in-person or televised interviews!

Other poet information
Search for you poet in quotes and add the term reading. Then click videos to find the poet reading their own poems and maybe talking about their lives! Some poets even have their own websites that include links to interviews, published essays, blogs, and more.