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Using this guide

This guide is designed to help you find the best sources for your Modern China research. Begin by using the information on this tab, then use the tabs above to find pertinent links to information that will help you through each step of the research process. Have fun!

Begin your research

Write down what you already know. This may include:

  • Pertinent dates
  • Names of key players
  • What issues led up to this issue?

Next, do a little background research to find out more or fill in the gaps in your existing knowledge.

After that, use the links to the right to continue the research process!

Please email Sarah the Librarian if you need anything along the way.

Best Bets for Research

Choosing Keywords

Choose keywords and search terms wisely!

A good way to select keywords is to parse out your research question or topic. For instance, if your topic is the economic impact of rapid industrialization in China, your keywords might be:

  • "rapid industrialization"
  • economics
  • China

Use quotes when you want to search for your search terms as a phrase.