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History 9B: Beginning the Research Process

Research Project Guide for History 9B

Using this guide

This guide is designed to help you find the best sources for your 9B research project. You'll start out by determining the best topic for you. Begin by using the information on this tab, then use the tabs above to find pertinent links to information that will help you through each step of the research process. Have fun!

Finding a topic

A good topic:

  • Is interesting to you
  • You need to sustain interest for a few weeks!
  • You can't fake interest in a paper.
  • Is researchable
  • There must be ample resources about your topic
  • Has a complicated or multifaceted answer
  • Isn't too narrow or too broad

After figuring out a great topic idea, use the tabs above to continue the research process!

Please email the Librarian if you need anything along the way.

First Steps: Finding topics

Special URL link

Add this to the beginning of database URLS to access the articles from home (or anywhere that isn't Urban):


Research Strategy

A good way to scaffold your research is to begin with broader sources and then move to more narrow sources. This way, you'll be developing more expertise and understanding to help you sift through more narrow sources. (Research Pie!)

  1. Start with reference overviews from encyclopedias
  2. Next, find book chapters or excerpts on your topic
  3. Then, begin searching for articles and pertinent websites
  4. Finally, tackle primary sources.