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Your Own Critical Lens

When you see a headline or news bite on social media, check to see if it is quality information! Sometimes you may find "fake news" stories or news that is taken out of context. Types of news items to be careful with include: 

  • clickbait (sensational headlines meant to generate ad revenue through clicks)
  • sponsored content: items that look like news, but are actually ads
  • satirical articles (like The Onion), which some people share on social media assuming they are real

Use your CRAAP detector and trust your gut, but also ask if your own beliefs are affecting your judgment. This is known as confirmation bias, which can lead people to accept information that confirms their beliefs and ignore information that doesn't. Find contrasting views to get a broader understanding of the topic.

Below are links to reliable publications that have editorial boards that lean liberal, moderate, and conservative.

Liberal Publications

Moderate Publications

Conservative Publications