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Interwar Art Research: Home

Find resources for the History 9A interwar art project.

Using this guide

This guide is designed to help you find the best sources for your interwar art project. By now you have your artists' name. Now you'll need to start digging. Begin by using the information on this tab, then use the tabs above to find pertinent links to information that will help you through each step of the research process. Have fun!

Begin your research

Write down what you already know. This may include:

  • Artist's name (spell it correctly!)
  • Type of art
  • Art movement
  • Related artists
  • Geographic areas
  • Other keywords

Next, do a little background research to find out more or fill in the gaps in your existing knowledge.

After that, use the tabs above to continue the research process!

Please email Sarah the Librarian if you need anything along the way.

First Steps: Background Research

To access your links at home (or any non-Urban location), add this:


to the beginning of your URL.

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