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MOU 2022: Women of Color Educators



"White Space highlights the experiences of four women in white spaces on Cape Cod. Their stories are uniquely their own, but many people of color can relate to what these women experience. This film is about representation and what it feels like when a space is not welcoming or even hostile to people of color. It is about how people of color see and are seen in white spaces. How people of color see themselves in white spaces and what it takes to navigate those spaces. Even though white people are not the center of this story, white viewers can reflect on their own actions in white spaces and challenge themselves to exist as more than bystanders and to behave like the allies they think they are."  - JP


Speaking in Hues brings you the stories of women who are trying to survive and thrive within the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and beyond. Listen in for immersive narrative and guest interviews that reveal what it’s like to navigate predominantly white spaces, in search of learning, growth, connection, and joy. 

In this episode, Donnell and Jenny interview Keiyonna Dubashi, the founder and executive director of Profound Ladies, which is an organization dedicated to countering the inequities plaguing women of color by providing both the mirrors and windows our girls need to actualize their full potential and thrive as members of society.