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Other Primary Source Resources

Oral Histories

7 Billion Others
This collection of over 6,000 short testimonies from 64 countries is searchable by country or topic.

Regional Oral History Office
This youtube channel offers select videos from the UC Berkeley Regional Oral History Office interviews spanning many subject areas. Their full collection of transcripts can be found on their website.

Telling Their Stories
Read, watch, and listen to Urban student interviews of elders who witnessed key historic events of the 20th century. 

Need More? 

The Internet is full of primary source materials. Begin by asking yourself what kind of information you would like: a speech, an article, a photograph, a painting, a TV show, a map or a piece of music? This can help you determine where to find the primary source. Add your desired source type as an additional keyword when searching. For instance: "Katherine Johnson" NASA speech

If the sites listed above didn't lead you to excellent primary source material, ask the librarian for help!